A Nice Person – Sharing

March 16, 2009

Being an extremely nice person, I thought I would share the following with you.

If and when television offers little viewing choice, which is quite often, I tend to browse You Tube and seek out artistes who have interested me over the years, and I am constantly amazed by what and who I can find. My current favourites are the following:

Til Him from the movie The Producers, performed by Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, this is a very good song written by Mel Brooks.

That Face again from The Producers and again performed by Matthew Broderick but this time with Katie Osman. Another Mel Brooks gem!

Staying with The Producers, Keep It Gay is a wonderfully twee over the top song written by Mel Brooks.

Sue Me from the musical Guys & Dolls, this excellent version features the very talented Nathan Lane and Faith Prince.

The song In Between Goodbyes is a wonderful song performed by the quite superb Barbara Cook. The version on You Tube was from one of her concert performances at the age of 70 odd. The song was written by Miss Cook’s pianist and musical director, the late Wally Harper.

A Little More Mascara performed whilst making up for his drag act by Randy Roberts. You watch as he makes up – but that is not all as you will see he uses the video as the opening of his cabaret act. A brilliant idea and superbly performed.

If you are interested in the career of dancer/actor Gene Nelson and want to know about the making of the classic movie Oklahoma etc, watch the Gene Nelson interviews parts 1, 2 and 3.

The funniest sketch by The Two Ronnies for me is The Squash Match, it’s a gem!

Watching the aforementioned items on Face Book is far better than 99% of the dross offered on TV. Enjoy!


March 15, 2009

I continue to be impressed by Duffy and get the impression she must have a pretty good manager and/or agent advising her. My only criticism would be, that she should remember that bare untanned legs can look a little naff on TV and on stage. Duffy is going to be around a long time, far longer than many of the other young ladies on the current pop music scene!

Boy, was I impressed by the delightful Lisa Maxwell doing her River Dance routine on Comic Relief, damn right I was!

Lisa is a hugely talented artiste as a dancer, singer and comedienne. If I were Lord Webber or Sir Cameron Mackintosh I would snap her up now and immediately set about finding the right vehicle for her!

2008 Royal Variety Show

December 28, 2008

For me, the 2008 Royal Variety Show was yet again well below par!

I was impressed by Duffy whose change of wardrobe was perfection for the event, she looked superb, that added to her very commercial voice and her current success was indeed a very good choice. The Jersey Boys except was also very classy and ideal for the occasion, tremendous vocals and superb choreography and production – another excellent performance.

There were of course disaster areas, the most notable being the charade of a sketch performed by Armstrong & Miller (whoever they may be). I have never seen or heard a sketch performed so badly and so badly written, it must rank as the worst item ever included on a Royal Variety Show bill!

The La Cage excerpt was another item on the bill that sadly fell on its face. The choreography and costumes looked below average and he playing Albin was to me the wrong choice, nothing even remotely glamorous, and La Cage was the item I’d watched the whole show to see!

The standard of live performers has dwindled considerably. In my opinion, if an act or artiste is incapable or unwilling to perform live they should not be included on such a prestigious show. I remember when there was a call for mime artistes….but I refer to the days of variety theatre which, sadly, are no more!