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My Favourite Movies

May 25, 2007

Everyone has a favourite movie, my favourites include The Great Escape, Schindler’s List, This Happy Breed, Hello Dolly, Ill Met By Moonlight, Funeral in Berlin, The Looking Glass War, M. Hulot’s Holiday, The Wooden Horse, The Magnificent Seven, Shane, Red River, Appointment in London, Guns of Navarone, The Day of The Jackal,  In Which We Serve, Anzio, Grumpy Old Men, and Grumpier Old Men. I have also enjoyed the TV movie Goodnight Mr Tom.

My favourite actors include, David Niven, Al Pacino, Steve McQueen, John Mills, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Charlie Bronson, Edward Fox, John Thaw, Robert Mitchum, Kay Walsh, Walter Matteau, Jack Lemon, T J Peaker, and Martine Carol.

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