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How Very Appropriate!

May 13, 2008

The great-grandfather of Peter Bazalgette, Chief Creative Officer of Endemol, the TV company who offer us such tastefully inclined programmes as the kidney donor show and Big Brother, evidently created London’s sewer system. How very appropriate!


Jon Gaunt – Radio Presenter

December 29, 2007

I am an avid listener to talkSPORT radio, initially tuning in to the Alan Brazil Show at 6am, it’s a show I find both interesting and amusing.

The Jon Gaunt Show follows Mr Brazil  at 10am and in all truth I rarely bother changing channels, hence I end up listening to Jon Gaunt.

I find Jon Gaunt to be an extremely self opinionated, arrogant, rude and at times a very bullying and abusive presenter. He poses a subject, offers listeners his views and then invites comment. That’s fine if the listener phones in and is permitted to air his view. The problem is, Mr Gaunt rarely if ever allows an opposing view to be aired without constantly butting in, talking over the caller or terminating the call (Mr Gaunt controls the switches!).

Jon Gaunt openly advises listeners as to his brilliance as a radio presenter, of his desire to be included on the panel of any political debate TV show, of his three Sony Awards (which date back a few years and I imagine he keeps glass side of the net curtains in his front room). He throws out hints about freebies, believes he should always by upgraded on flights, and is proud to be invited into the directors box at Coventry City FC (which probably means watching the match whilst standing on a soapbox next to the Chairman). Mr Gaunt believes himself to be the ‘Master of Talk Radio’. He also has a rather nauseating habit of stating to anyone who criticises his on-air ill mannered attitude “When I need advice on radio presenting from you I’ll…..”.

In my opinion, Brian Hayes radio show on LBC was far far better. Mr Hayes would pose the subject, invite comment from listeners, argue against their comment, then when the opposite comment was made he would change track and argue that too. The important thing was, Mr Hayes granted listeners time to air their comments without butting in or cutting them off, which is an art Jon Gaunt could learn from and adopt – but of course he won’t as he believes he doesn’t need advice on broadcasting from anyone!

Is It Me or….?

December 29, 2007

I am willing to accept that I am in a minority. If I bother watching half a dozen BBC1 and BBC2 programmes per week it’s a hellova lot. And ITV’s programming isn’t much better!

For £135.50 pa we are offered a scoopful of dross mixed up with a glut of repeats, and there’s an office full of highly paid clowns at the Beeb who dictate as to what shows we should be watching. If anyone reading this believes BBC programming to be worth the licence fee please tell me!

It annoys me that Jonathan Ross is paid £18million over three years to present his damn awful TV and radio shows. Surely there has to be someone equally, even far better than Mr Ross who would do the shows for a fraction of the contracted amount.

Question. If Jonathan Ross was not contracted to the BBC where would he be working? I doubt very much if ITV would pay him the same fee, so already his options are limited. I think he would die on his feet trying to do a stand-up routine.

My thoughts re Jonathan Ross are duplicated as far as Ann Robinson is concerned, she’s vastly overpaid too!

Now we learn that the BBC are going into the property business, or didn’t you know? It seems the Beeb are moving house from White City London to (of all places, Salford) and those willing to move north will be financially assisted by the BBC courtesy of public money via our licence fees. Anyone willing to move but cannot find a buyer for their property should not be concerned – as Auntie Beeb will purchase the property and hope to sell it at some later time.

With the BBC so willing to plunder our pockets in a lawful manner, maybe it’s high time the corporation stood on its own two feet and relieved us of a financial burden by going commercial. If that were the case, standby for greater control of the purse-strings and a flurry of redundancies. Yes, I think the BBC should go commercial!