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April 30, 2009

I am delighted that a House of Commons vote means that all members of  The Brigade of Gurkhas, irrespective as to rank and longevity of service, will be granted the right to live and work in Great Britain.

How any MP or political party could possibly vote again the Gurkhas being granted such a right amazes me!

This government has allowed virtually anyone in irrespective as to their rights or their dedication to the good of this country. We certainly have potential terrorists here, all of whom have been welcomed with open arms, due to our Euro commitments we have down right villains and rogues living here now, yet members of the Brigade of Gurkhas were denied such a right.

With their military training and dedication retired Gurkhas would be ideal people to work in the area of security and/or border control!


What Do They Look Like!

April 30, 2008

Most weekdays I watch the TV channel BBC Parliament. I suppose I could be accused of being slow, but I have only realised how truly low the standard of personal presentation is exhibited by ladies on the government front bench.

The majority of male front bench ministers are well presented, neat suits, well ironed shirts with matching ties – hopefully their shoes are well polished too!

Then we see the ladies, many of whom look as if they’re wearing someone elses cast offs, jackets to suits look at least one size too small, garing unnecessary coloured blouses are selected, or they’ve decided to save money by shopping at Lady at the Skip. Sadly it’s not only the apparel that looks naff, most of the time some could not have bothered brushing their hair or looking in a mirror, and they all seem to use the same hairdresser, Blunkett of Westminster!

If Gordon Brown has a modicum of sense, he would have a quite word with Tory MP Nadine Dorries and beg her to offer dress-sense advice to his own front bench!


Torture – Waterboarding

February 27, 2008

Our American allies, led by that great politician George Bush, are evidently continuing on a path of torture to obtain information regarding the Iraq-Afghanistan situation.

President Bush has often referred to ‘water-boarding’, the form of torture favoured for use by the CIA on terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay as an ‘enhanced interrogation technique’. He is obviously unaware of the fact that such description is not new and was originally coined by the Nazis.

In 1947, a Japanese soldier who had used water-boarding against a US citizen during World War II was sentenced to 15 years in a US prison for committing a war-crime. In 1948 such techniques were clearly understood to be war-crimes, the punishment for which was death!

One of the (many) torure techniques used by the Gestapo during WWII was a form of water-boarding. The victim was tied face up on a board and then lowered backwards into a bath full of cold water until there was loss of conciousness, after which the victim was pulled out, revived and the torture process continued.

Forms of Gestapo torture can be found in the book The White Rabbit by Yeo-Thomas.

Question: will President Bush be accused of war crimes and made to appear before the Court in The Hague?