2008 Royal Variety Show

For me, the 2008 Royal Variety Show was yet again well below par!

I was impressed by Duffy whose change of wardrobe was perfection for the event, she looked superb, that added to her very commercial voice and her current success was indeed a very good choice. The Jersey Boys except was also very classy and ideal for the occasion, tremendous vocals and superb choreography and production – another excellent performance.

There were of course disaster areas, the most notable being the charade of a sketch performed by Armstrong & Miller (whoever they may be). I have never seen or heard a sketch performed so badly and so badly written, it must rank as the worst item ever included on a Royal Variety Show bill!

The La Cage excerpt was another item on the bill that sadly fell on its face. The choreography and costumes looked below average and he playing Albin was to me the wrong choice, nothing even remotely glamorous, and La Cage was the item I’d watched the whole show to see!

The standard of live performers has dwindled considerably. In my opinion, if an act or artiste is incapable or unwilling to perform live they should not be included on such a prestigious show. I remember when there was a call for mime artistes….but I refer to the days of variety theatre which, sadly, are no more!


2 Responses to “2008 Royal Variety Show”

  1. Gill Says:

    Ahhh for the most part I agree with you but you had a go at two of my favourite comedians Armstrong and Miller.

    Actually you’re right it wasn’t that great. The sketch itself came from their TV show and the writing is actually very funny in that context but if you came to them cold on the RV I can understand why it seemed odd. The ending was also somewhat naff on stage.

    I guess some things just don’t translate from the screen too well and that was obviously one of them.

  2. Duffy new hits Says:

    Duffy – Rockferry Glastonbury 08…

    The disc pictures and video for the title track were shot on and around the Ffestiniog Railway in Porthmadog, which was named ‘Rockferry’ after for the occasion….

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