What Do They Look Like!

Most weekdays I watch the TV channel BBC Parliament. I suppose I could be accused of being slow, but I have only realised how truly low the standard of personal presentation is exhibited by ladies on the government front bench.

The majority of male front bench ministers are well presented, neat suits, well ironed shirts with matching ties – hopefully their shoes are well polished too!

Then we see the ladies, many of whom look as if they’re wearing someone elses cast offs, jackets to suits look at least one size too small, garing unnecessary coloured blouses are selected, or they’ve decided to save money by shopping at Lady at the Skip. Sadly it’s not only the apparel that looks naff, most of the time some could not have bothered brushing their hair or looking in a mirror, and they all seem to use the same hairdresser, Blunkett of Westminster!

If Gordon Brown has a modicum of sense, he would have a quite word with Tory MP Nadine Dorries and beg her to offer dress-sense advice to his own front bench!



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