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Bush, Blair & Bodge

January 15, 2008

According to a television documentary, the Americans seemed to believe the people of Iraq would welcome them with open arms, with fire-arms yes, although the expected open arms welcome left a little to be desired.

When the war was in full swing, I recall there being a comments from the Americans to the effect that they were unable to recognise insurgents as they did not conform to wearing a uniform. If any of the Bush aides had bothered reading up on the resistance in France during WWII they would’ve known that resistance workers tend to work under-cover for their own safety.

British forces in both Iraq and now Afghanistan are rightly portrayed as the poor relation of the Yanks. I recall the Brits having to beg bottled water from their wealthy buddies. Whilst the Australian forces in Iraq patrol by tank, our guys have to do whatever they can in military Land Rovers, such, according to our battle weary guys being damned dangerous, incapable of offering protection from virtually any in-coming missile or mine, and originally designed for patrolling the streets of Belfast and being totally unsitable for the dessert.

We all remember a sergeant being ordered to give his body armour to a member of his troop and then being killed by a bullet that the same body armour would’ve stopped!

The lesson our ministers need to learn is, don’t send our troops into battle without the correct equipment, adequate provisions, first-class heavy generators to provide ongoing air-conditioning, and in the case of battle zones such as Iraq, vehicles designed for dessert warfare (again including air conditioning).