Same Idea, Different People!

It’s quite amazing how different people can have virtually the same idea at different times, or so it seems!

Some years ago, around 1980-81, a friend and I were interested in script writing. Thinking of a storyline, I suggested writing a sit-com for Bernie Winters who, following the departure of his brother Mike, had been using a St Bernard dog called Schnorbitz as his partner.

I decided Bernie and his older sister Marge would live in a high-rise block of flats in the East End of London. He would win the football pools, eight hundred and fifty grand, which shows how long ago the idea came about.

Bernie and his sister would move from the East End to live in a large old country manor house, previously owned by the local squire of the small Norfolk market town, Dufton. There’d be stabling for 20 ‘unters and he would look forward to blending in with local country life. He would acquire the ongoing assistance of the local poacher-odd-jobman called Warris, rather Warris would acquire him.

Warris would teach Bernie to ride using a saddle thrown over a 5-bar gate, as well as show him how to chop logs using a golf stance and swing etc. The idea was sent to the BBC but rejected. You can imagine my surprise when Green Green Grass of Home appeared on our TV screens twenty odd years later!

Another idea sent to the BBC was for a documentary series titled Six of the Best, which outlined the WWII exploits, daring and courage of six people who were relatively unknown to the general public. Again I received a rejection slip, advising that if anything of a similar nature appeared it had nothing to do with my suggestion.

Not only did a ‘similar nature’ documentary appear but a book also accompanied the series. One of the characters featured was Lt Colonel Paddy Blair Mayne DSO & 3 Bars which I must admit amazed me, as very very few people had even heard of Paddy Mayne let alone knew of his wartime exploits as second in command to David Stirling, the leader of the SAS.

In 1992 I had an idea about film locations. I did a fair amount of investigative work and compiled the lay-out for a documentary series, also a TV pannel show. Over the next few years I sent the idea to virtually every TV company, from BBC to Channel 5. I received rejection slips or nothing, not even acknowledgement of having received the item.

In 2007, ITV3 aired a programme on Thursday nights titled Stuart Maconie’s TV Towns. Although the programme is produced in a somewhat different manner to that as seen by me, the basic idea is the same!

So, it just goes to prove that the very same ideas can be had by totally different people!

FIA boss, Max Mosely, has instigated the McLaren HQ being searched for technical data in an attempt to prove the Ron Dennis bossed team are using Ferrari technical info in their 2008 F1 car. Mosely has evidently stated that in examining the new 2008 McLaren FIA inspectors do not expect to find actual copies of technical item, but they may find ideas on the McLaren that are akin to those on the 2008 Ferrari. Mosely, in his infinite wisdon obviously doesn’t believe two teams can possibly have one and the same idea. From experience I can tell him he’s wrong! 


One Response to “Same Idea, Different People!”

  1. Gill Says:

    but they may find ideas on the McLaren that are akin to those on the 2008 Ferrari.

    Like…… wheels for example.

    I’m sorry but I honestly believe they’re out to get Dennis, McLaren and Hamilton. Exactly what hold do Ferrari have over the FIA? Something stinks.

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