Oh! Dear Ferrari

Dear Dear Dear – they say what goes around comes around!

At Fuji, F1’s moaning champions Ferrari got a little back of what they’ve been dishing out over the years. The latest bleating from Ferrari was that they were not told by the race director that all teams were to start the race on extreme wet tyres. Everyone else knew, the other teams knew, even the commentators knew, yet Ferrari were unaware!

On lap 9 or 10, with Raikkonen in position 4 behind team-mate Massa and with Massa ruled out of the drivers championship but with Raikkonen still in with an outside chance, I began wondering how Ferrari would get Massa to allow Raikkonen to overtake without giving team orders (a la Barichello and Schumacher). Then the problem was miraculously solved via Massa being called into the pits for new tyres, which with only 6-7 laps to go seemed to mystify the ITV race commentators as much as it did me.

I don’t blame Ferrari for what I believe was an unneccessary tyre change which allowed Raikkonen to gain an extra championship point, but when Ron Dennis evidently told Hamilton not to try overtaking Alonso at Monaco it was as if the roof had caved in. Maybe it’s the manner by which you arrange team orders that counts which I am sure Ron Dennis will keep stored away in his mind.


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