I Don’t Believe What’s Happening

Due to the McLaren-Ferrari technical information matter and the most recent FIA meeting in Paris, we now have a situation whereby Ron Dennis and McLaren have been barred from winning the F1 manufacturers championship.

Why have they been disqualified? Evidently the FIA etc believe McLaren have used Ferrari information, although no proof regarding such use this has been offered or found, hence McLaren should not have been disqualified until the use of such data has been proven. Following the line the FIA have taken, in that McLaren are ‘cheating’, then surely both drivers should have also been disqualified as their success has come about via the illegal use of information, but that hasn’t happened.

In my opinion, there has been and still is a determined effort to rid F1 motor-racing of Ron Dennis. Ecclestone stated at Monaco that he believed McLaren should have been banned for the rest of the 2007 series due to instructing Hamilton not to attempt to pass Alonso (on a track that offers few if any true overtaking places). FIA boss Max Mosley, a known fan and supporter of Ferrari has stated he wanted McLaren banned for the rest of the 2007 season and for 2008. I believe it was Mosley who dictated (very suitable word) the $100million fine, possibly in the hope that Ron Dennis would immediately disappear into the sunset!

If Ferrari want the Constructors Championship that much give it to ’em, it won’t mean a thing now, but at least it will keep Mosley in good grace with Ferrari.

You could say the whole affair was indirectly instigated by Ferrari in the first place due to what seems to have been a lack of man-management regarding a certain member of their technical staff. It is the ‘hard done by’ Ferrari technicial who has caused the upset. Maybe Ferrari should’ve looked closer to home for the cause of the matter. I would not enjoy winning the F1 Constructors Championship on such grounds, but I’m sure Ferrari will and celebrate to excess.

What next? Ron Dennis may decide to opt out of F1 and if he does I believe Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich will buy McLaren – instigated by Ecclestone (possibly Mosley too). Alonso will move into a vacant seat at Ferrari. QPR FC now reportedly owned by Ecclestone and Briattore will be loaned players by neighbours Chelsea FC.


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