Help Required

If anyone who possibly reads this blog can help regarding the following I will be eternally grateful.

If you know or have heard of a lady called Uta Meyer (maiden name) or by her married name Uta Kiwitz, please email me.

In 1967, Uta was a DJ at the Eden Playboy on the Kurfustendamm in West Berlin. She will now be in her early 60’s and when last heard of was living in or near her home town of Regensburg with (or without) her husband Mike Kiwitz.

Many thanks for any help, regards, Prostar


3 Responses to “Help Required”

  1. Gill Says:

    Got the feelers out Mal but so far, nothing.

  2. Lutz Meyer Says:


    what was the occasion to look for Uta? I’m her brother and you may send me some further informations – mainly your name!
    By the way: Uta is still married – and lucky!

    • prostar Says:

      Hi Lutz,

      Thank you for contacting me, I assure you that my intentions are honourable and I am delighted to know that Uta is lucky!

      I knew Uta from her days as DJ at the Eden Playboy Club in West Berlin in 1967. Initially I was there with a pop singer called David Garrick who was to appear in a rock musical called Robinson 2000. Sadly, Garrick’s agent had overlooked the fact that his cliebt did not speak one word of German!

      Every night I went to the Playboy and I readily admit I feel head of heels with Uta. I went silly, I sent her 20 red roses once or twice a week and we would sit and chat a while. After returning to London Uta and I kept in touch by letter. I eventually sold Rolf Eden my idea to promote flower-power in West Berlin via a series of flower parties. The parties were a great success. I returned home to England on 15 November ’67. We kept in touch for a while and the last two letters from Uta told me she had returned home, had her ‘tooths’ fixed and had married, I think her husband was/is called Mike Kiwitz. She later told me she had a son. Then we lost touch.

      There are some people who you meet during your life and never forget, Uta is for me one of those people, she was then and always will be very special. I will send you by email my home address, email address, telephone number and website address, then you may do with them as you wish. I will also attach with the email a few photographs that may interest Uta. I wish her and her family every happiness.

      Regards, Mal (Malcolm Cook)

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