Who The Hell?

I’m sorry but I have to ask, who the hell devised the BBC4 Television show Music Hall Meltdown?

The title suggests (to me) that it is a mature form of entertainment, ideal for an older audience (who also pay licence fees), yet in my opinion viewers have been presented with some artistes of questionable talent!

The supposed comedy act who wears a flat red turban on is about as funny as a punch in the throat. Where on earth did the producer of this charade find him as there’s nowhere I can think of who would dare book him? I’m funnier when I’m suffering a migrain!

As what seems to be the norm these days, producers are evidently intent on directing programming towards an 18-24 year age group, it’s either that or they haven’t got the slightest idea as to what quality entertainment is all about. I think BBC entertainment took a nose dive when Bill Cotton Junior left his post as Head of Light Entertainment at the Beeb.

If the BBC producer responsible for the show bothered to travel out of London he/she may find there are still some very good comedians and other entertainers working in the business. I suggest the producer of Music Hall Meltdown urgently invites advice regarding the content of the show from the likes of Roy Hudd. I know the producer won’t seek such advice, but he or she should do so before the series is binned!



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