An Horrific Road Death

The killer van driver pulled out at a road junction and hit 24 year old Adam who was on his motorcycle which had its twin headlights on. Having caused the crash the van driver did not stop to help Adam who was left lying in the road with horric injuries. A witness who was following Adam got out of her car and waved down a truck to prevent it running over Adam.

The van driver showed a blatant disregard for his critically injured victim who he left lying unprotected and dying in the road.

The van driver, by his own admission, had a problem with his glasses. It was also found that he had been on his mobile to his wife around the time of the ‘accident’. Even though he had a mobile phone the van driver did not bother to phone the emergency services for help. Adam died.

At the first court hearing, although supposedly against Court Rules, the van driver sent a fax to say he would not be attending. The court gave no explanation to Adam’s mother who was in attendance.

At the second hearing, the van driver’s excuse for his none attendance was, that he needed to find character witnesses.

The van driver was not prosecuted for causing death by dangerous driving but for the lesser minor offence of ‘careless driving’. He was fined £180 and 6 penalty points were added to his licence. On leaving the court with his wife and son, the van driver simply walked straight past Adam’s mother with no sign of shame, sorrow or remorse. Outside the court he posed for newspaper photographers.

When Adam’s mother eventually spoke to someone at the CPS, she asked why the van driver had not even been charged for leaving his victim in the road. The crass unfeeling reply was “Well, it wouldn’t have altered the outcome would it!”

Throughout the court hearing Adam’s name was never mentioned. It seems that in a Magistrates Court Adam’s death was irrevelant and not taken into account, and Adam’s death was not recorded. It’s as if according to our legal system Adam never existed.



One Response to “An Horrific Road Death”

  1. Jaybee Says:

    That is appalling. Can it not be taken as a private action? Something like that should be all over the Nationals.

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