Owning Up Time!

Every so often we all make a comment we live to regret and it’s my turn to own up regarding comments I made against BBC TV re the Eurovision Song Contest.

Scooch performed well, they did everything required of them, and I still maintain that Flying The Flag was an ideal song for Eurovision….but not the Eurovision of today. To be perfectly frank I see no reason for the UK to contest the Eurovision Song Contest in future years, certainly not until the voting system has been rectified and totally changed.

Following the semi final the only western European countries left in the event were Spain, Germany, Ireland and the UK. Scandinavia had Sweden, Iceland and host country Finland. All the other competing countries had been part of the old Soviet Bloc so voting was very predictable: Bosnia voted for Hertzogevinia and Serbia, Croatia voted for Bosnia and Serbia, Slovenia voted for Bosnia, Macedonia and Serbia, Macedonia voted for Serbia etc. Not one of the Eastern Euopean countries gave the UK a solitary point. Mind you, it didn’t help when Iceland voted for Sweden and Finland, Cyprus for Greece, and Portugal for Spain. The UK total of 19 points (better than zilch) came from Ireland 7 points and Malta 12 Points.

At the end of the event the Top-5 countries were in order: Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Bulgaria. If I had to choose one of the Top-5 countries as the winner my vote would’ve gone to Russia, although I thoroughly enjoyed the Latvian and German entries too.

I felt sorry for Ireland as their song just wasn’t up to their usual standard. In my opinion (which probably isn’t worth much now) the Ukrainian entry was awful, the rotund female lead crooner dressed in silver foil and looking like a fat version of the Tin Man out of Wizard of Oz was not the most vocally accomplished of artistes. The winning Serbian entry was naff as far as the song was concerned and visually naff too!

We’ve known for years that certain countries will give points to their neighbours quite irrespective as to the quality of the song and the performance, but things have now gone to an extreme and I don’t know how it can be rectified. Over to you BBC Television.



3 Responses to “Owning Up Time!”

  1. Jaybee Says:

    Well I missed it, completely forgot and I’m now rather glad I did. I just checked out the results and the top 16 are Eastern Block.

    The bottom places all, except for one, went to Western European countries.

    To be honest. I thought the Scooch song was pretty naff, things have moved on but the winner wasn’t that great either.

    I agree that something has to be done about the voting system. Something also needs to be done about Geography. I still haven’t worked out when Israel became part of Europe.

    But what can be done I have no idea, these countries will continue to vote for their friends. Their music traditionally is tonally different to ours so they will prefer stuff that sounds bad to us. We won’t vote for theirs unless it’s Westernised, they won’t vote for ours unless it’s Easternised. Although having said that, I did actually quite like both Greece and Turkey’s entries. Very Ricky Martin. OK so shoot me. 🙂

    I honestly think Eurovision is past it’s sell by date. Either they split it in two, East and West, and then run a joint contest for the best of both. Or they expand it further and have a Worldovision contest which is when I shall start looking into euthanasia.

  2. Sgitheanaich Says:

    Having been brought up during the Cold War, the voting system still seems to reflect the feel of those political and diplomatic sensibilities. Vastly out-dated now but still harking back nostalgically to another time when one felt a twinge in one’s stiff upper lip of patriotism and alligiance to one’s international buddies. How very British, too.

    Perhaps contentious, but I enjoy the Eurovision for precisely this reason. It is so untouched by modernity that it bears no resemblence to, and is even a respite from, the modern political world.

    It’s buddy voting, it’s schmaltz and it’s time-warp locked music and fashions give Us, Continentally, a brief moment set apart from bickering over subsidies to mutually gather around the hearthfire and communally revel in extracting the michael out of the whole shebang. Perhaps it is the one remaining square foot of common ground that this modern day Common Market can still share – sending ourselves up in a comedic pantomime with it’s heart in the right place.

  3. prostar Says:

    Hi Helena,

    Many thanks for the comments, much appreciated and of course digested.

    I worked in the music and entertainment business for many many years, far too many years maybe, hence I tend to see things from a professional point of view, and I admit to find the old Soviet Bloc voting charade to be a little annoying.

    A friend, the No-1 independent music publisher in the UK, told me of the enormous amounts of financial input involved in the Eurovision Contest. He pointed out that the songwriter I’ve mentioned no longer want to offer material as the UK public vote as to the entry is ridiculous.

    If the voting system was revamped I’d agree to continue, even if only for the laugh.

    Regards, Prostar

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