Who Do You Think?

The excellent networked radio station Talk Sport are currently inviting suggestion as to which footballers have the best…. feet, head, legs etc in the hope of determining the perfect footballer.

When everything is collated I suggest the eventuality can only be one player, the late and great John Charles of Leeds United, Juventus, Roma and Cardiff City (and I’m a Spurs fan)!

Such is the respect for John Charles that he is still remembered, revered and respected throughout Italy, he was recently voted ‘the greatest overseas player’ ever to play in that country.

John Charles had a forocious shot as proven by his goal record, he also the ability to head goals as if they had been fired from a cannon. Generally recognised as a brave centre forward, Charles was also comfortable playing at centre half, and he scored goals from that position too!

The star players of yesteryear, such as John Charles, Len Shackleton, Tommy Lawton, Jackie Milburn, Wilf Mannion, Tom Finney, Tommy Smith, Duncan Edwards, Stanley Matthews and Brian Clough are virtually unknown and rarely mentioned by todays football fans.

How things have changed. I remember Tommy Lawton telling me how he would go by tram to all Everton home matches. Although international players, such were their pay restrictions that the legendary Tom Finney supplemented his income as a plumber, whilst Len Shackleton had a sweet shop on the front at Seaburn.

Let me hear your anecdotes about those legends of yesteryear.



One Response to “Who Do You Think?”

  1. Harvey Says:

    I was only in short trousers at the time but I would nominate the great goalkeeper Gordon Banks while playing for Leeds Utd in the 1970s. He was the first name I remember from watching football on television.

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