At Long Last

It seems at long last in Scooch we have the necessary artistes, the equally necessary presentation, and a song worthy of representing Great Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest (although I do think the guy’s costumes are a little overly twee).

In my opinion, the BBC were wrong to invite Jonathan King to virtually dictate which song represented us in Eurovision, a contest that is geared to an out and out pop music audience. Sadly, Mr King tried in vain to introduce UK-street-cred entries which simply did not appeal to the massive international audience… we lost and continued to lose and then we lost again!

I believe in selecting a song for Eurovision it must have a great hook, something the audience can easily remember…..and immediately whistle or sing along to. If that’s the kind of song we’ve got representing us we stand a fair chance of winning, although we will of course have to overcome the I’ll vote for you if you vote for me brigade. And I’m still trying to figure out how Israel got in on the act!

Lulu’s Boom-Bang-A-Bang was perfect for Eurovision. Proof? Lulu won!

Whilst we were losing Eurovision year after year, much to our embarrasment, it seems nobody at the Beeb thought of inviting songs from legendary British hit song writers, people like Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook, Barry Mason, or Arnold Martin and Morrow, all of whom could give a song a hook you could hang your hat on. I suppose the excuse from the Beeb would be…..but when did they last have a hit? My reply to that is, their hits are constantly being played and performed live by artistes and on radio stations around the world, simply because they were great hit songs!



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